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Betsy DeVos' remarks on Campus Sexual Assault, Sept. 7, 2017

Betsy DeVos voiced her concern for victims of sexual assault on college campuses and concern for those accused of sexual assault.  My initial thoughts are that it is encouraging that Ms. DeVos spoke with victims and those accused.   Her speech still does not provide a clear direction for the changes she will be seeking.  

I had read the articles she had mentioned and have used those articles to prepare training on due process in Title IX investigations. I personally feel it is important for Title IX professionals to read these articles.  Specifically:

1.     “ABA Criminal Justice Section Task Force on College Due Process Rights and Victim Protection”,  American Bar Association, June 2017,

2 .    “White Paper on Campus Sexual Assault Investigations”, American College of Trial Lawyers, 2017

3.      Open Letter from Members of the Penn Law School Faculty, “Sexual Assault Complaints: Protecting Complainants and the Accused Students at Universities”, February 18, 2015,

4.     Elizabeth Bartholet, Nancy Gertner, Janet Halley & Jeannie Suk Gersen, “Fairness For All Students Under Title IX” (Aug. 21, 2017).

As I have read these resources and suggestions regarding due process, I am not shocked by the suggestions.  I am actually amazed at the amount of agreement between the articles.    I hope to shortly add my comments regarding the similar and differing opinions offered.  I am encouraged by the consensus and would like to focus attention on that consensus instead of trying to sensationalize differences that can be resolved.   

For full transcript go to Betsy DeVos transcript

Christine Garner