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Title IX Remedies in Private K-12 Schools & How to File a Title IX Complaint in K-12

I provided a guest blog for Stop Sexual Assault in Schools which is a wonderful resource for K-12 Title IX information and advocacy.   The article provides basic information for parents with students in private grade schools and high schools.    Dr. Bill Howe, who has many years of experience in K-12 Title IX and multicultural education, was kind enough to review and add his input to the information. 

Dr. Howe also created a wonderful blog that outlines how to file a complaint in K-12 schools.  Dr. served as the Connecticut State Title IX Coordinator for 17 years.  To me, this information is not only valuable to parents and their students but to schools too.  Elementary and high schools need to understand Title IX compliance expectations and the process that should be in place.


Christine Garner